Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mommy wasn't speeding

This weekend was little A's weekend with his dad. Since his dad lives 45 minutes away we usually meet half-way so neither one of us has to be in the car for almost 2 hours round trip. Every time I pick little A up there is crying. He is over tired, over stimulate, pumped up on sugar, and has had no discipline or structure for 2 days. I HATE Sunday's.

When I got to our meeting point and little A and the ex showed up, little A had a sucker. Then he asked if he could have a slushy. I told him no he couldn't have both a slushy and a sucker at 6:30pm and that when we got home we were having cake for B's birthday. This is when the crying started. And the kicking of the seat. And the screaming. And then trying to climb out of the car seat.

I immediately pulled over to the side of the road when he tried to undo the car seat. I explained why that's not safe and that we would just sit there until he wanted to calm down. I also explained that it may mean we got home too late and he didn't get cake. About 5 minutes into sitting a state trooper pulled up behind us. This thoroughly freaked little A out.

He started saying "I listen. I be good. Let's go!" I had to explain that we couldn't just leave now and had to talk to the cop. Thankfully he was very nice. He asked if everything was ok and I told him the situation. Then he had a little talk with little A who looked like a deer in headlights. Little A even got a sticker. When we got home B asked how his weekend was and he told him "we talked to the cop, but mommy wasn't speeding!"

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