Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Monday Giveaways on Tuesday - Sept. 27

Since I had the post about the jean drama yesterday, I thought I'd save the giveaway post for today. I didn't have one last week because there just weren't any giveaways I wanted to enter! I did win again though. I won the Dean's dip & Reisenthel bag giveaway from Bless Their Hearts!

Here are the giveaways I've entered this week:

A Bum Essentials cloth diaper from Mama to 3 Blessings

$20 gift card to Flowerz in her Hair from Mama to 3 Blessings

A toy box from Giveaways 4 Mommmy

Snorg T-shirt from Fun Saving Money

Naturalizer shoes from Rant, Rave, Roll

Amy's prize pack from Our Homeschool Reviews

$25 gift card to TJ Maxx from Freebies and Much More

Count Chocula prize pack from Health, Beauty, Children, & Family

$50 off $100 at Old Navy from HSUper Parents

Monday, September 27, 2010


We had a cold snap come through yesterday. It was cloudy, rainy, and cool for the first time since spring. It won't stay this way because it's the midwest, so it will be 85 one day and 65 the next for a while. When we got home from little A's soccer game, S asked if he could go play at a friend's. B told him yes, but to put on a hoodie first since he was in shorts and a short sleeved t-shirt. He started arguing back about not having one that fit and why the 12 (no joke) we pulled out wouldn't work for him. They were either too big, too small, or he didn't want to wear someone else's. B offered a compromise and asked him to put on jeans at least. S then started arguing that he didn't have any jeans.

First off, not true. We pointed out the 2 brand new pair with tags still on them in his room. Those weren't good enough and he wasn't sure they fit. Why I don't know. They're the same size as the shorts he had on his body during the debate. We told him to try them on. That didn't happen. S finally just left because we were ready to strangle him. Fine, be cold and grumpy. Apparently that's what he wanted anyway.

Second, this really irks me since a month ago I brought home a laundry basket full of jeans from a coworker. He barely looked through it and decided he didn't want any of them. Apparently S "doesn't do" hand-me-downs or used clothes. These were all higher priced name brand jeans too that were barely worn. All the other kids and B and I do hand-me-downs so not sure why S thinks he's too good for it.

Third, he refuses to go shopping with anyone to actually pick stuff out. B, S's mom, B's mom, and I all try to bring S stuff and he never likes it. You can only return so many times to a store before they cut you off, not to mention it's a pain in the butt. He needs to either go to the store, try stuff on, and tell you what he likes or wear what is brought to him. (This summer I brought him a big bag of 5 complete outfits. He decided to keep 2 pairs of shorts. I took the rest back. 2 weeks later he asked if I'd go back and get 2 of the returned outfits back because he changed his mind. Uh, no. They've already sold them.)

Here's what I think the real issue is. He's in 7th grade. He wants all Hollister, Abercrombie, and Nike stuff plastered with logos. Sorry dude, but that's not going to happen. We're supporting 4 kids with a 5th on the way. You're not an only child of wealthy parents. There is a set amount of money for each need. If you want to spend $50 on a pair of jeans that no one will see the tag on then you will have 2 pairs of pants and nothing else.

I know this is a phase and middle school is rough, but this is getting old REALLY fast. I think a monetary budget lesson needs to occur. I'd love to take him shopping and explain you have x amount of money. Now, pick out fall clothes. Then I'd like to make him stick with what he picks and have him do his laundry when he doesn't have enough clothes and has to wash them every other day. I think this would be a great lesson and he'd get over the expensive jeans. (No one sees the tag. Save the plastering of logos for things people see if you really feel the need to be walking advertisement.) Now, how do I get him to actually go?

Friday, September 17, 2010

Cloth Wipes - EYMM Review

I cloth diapered little A starting at about a year old. He had horrendous diaper rash with lots of episodes of bleeding and yeast for the first year. We tried every diaper out there and took him to the doctor countless times before we figured out he's allergic to the SAP gel in disposable diapers. The confirmation on it was switching to cloth. Once we switched we never had another issue with diaper rash.

When I got pregnant this time with E I knew I would cloth diaper again. First, I had such a great experience compared to the disposable experience with little A. Second, I still have all of his cloth diapers, so it's cost efficient. I did stock up on newborn cloth diapers since I didn't have any of those and the one size diapers I do have don't start fitting until about 10 lbs.

Another thing I needed more of for E was cloth wipes. I searched and searched but couldn't find anything I liked. Then I decided I would take a few old receiving blankets that are not really big enough for swaddling or anything useful and turn them into wipes. One big problem. I can't sew; at all. A friend from a forum I belong to mentioned she could make them for me, so I sent her the blankets and ordered a few more since I didn't have quite enough blankets.

They came in the mail this week and I LOVE them. The top 3 are from the receiving blankets while the bottom 2 are the front and the back of the wipes she made with new fabric. They are all double sided and extremely soft. The stitching is fantastic and they are a nice large child's washcloth sized. Even B was amazed at how nice they were. (He's amazed at everything cloth diaper related at the moment though since it's new to him.) I cannot wait to use these on E!

If you want to see more of Kymy's work head on over to her Etsy shop, EYMM (Everything Your Mama Made and More). In addition to custom orders (like my wipes), she offers crib sheets, aprons, and super hero capes. While not listed in her shop, I've seen clothing she's made her own children and her work is fantastic and not limited. She is very knowledgeable about various fabrics, costs of materials, and a variety of items. I think I may have to hit her up for some fun nursing pads too. ;)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tying the knot

Neither B nor I want to have a wedding when we get married. We both feel like we've been there done that and with 5 kids we'd much rather (and need to) put that money elsewhere. How exactly to tie the knot we're not sure of. Before we got pregnant, we discussed eloping and doing a destination wedding. Now I don't really want to do that either. Those are still thousands of dollars and again, we have 5 kids and more pressing money concerns.

It was recently announced that my annual conference I attend for work will be held in Las Vegas next summer. This was definately not my first choice of potential locations. Vegas would be fun, but not so much with a 7 month old. Yes, we could leave the baby with a grandparent, but I plan on nursing and it's so much easier to take the baby then my milking machine and a cooler. I joked with B that we could get married while there. Well, apparently he likes this idea because he asked me about it last night.

I don't think I want to do this either. I'm not sure why, but a Vegas wedding just doesn't appeal to me; especially on a work trip. I guess I feel like we'd just be fitting it in. What other options are there though?

One of my college roomates had her second wedding in her living room. They invited their parents for dinner and basically said "Suprise! We're getting married now." This has some appeal to me. I like that it's so laid back and comfortable. Of course my mom lives in Lousiana and we're in Indiana so we'd need it to be a time when she was here. She is coming for Thanksgiving this year since I'm due Nov. 24. Will I really want to get married a week or so after having a baby though?

I suppose another option is to do a suprise/destination wedding over the summer. Every summer B's siblings and parents meet up in Florida and rent a house. If we could get my mom to go to the same place we could always do it there on the beach.

Another alternative is to get married at the courthouse and then take a long weekend together. Here we're back to the issue of taking vs leaving the baby or when to go.

There's really not an option jumping out at me as the one. I could care less about the wedding for the most part. It's the marriage I want. Anyone want to just pick and option and plan it for me?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Soccer mom without the mini-van

I'm officially a soccer mom. Little A had his first game yesterday. For the U4 group they play 30 minute games with 3 kids on the field at a time for each team. His coach called it "controlled chaos!" He started out great. The games were running behind so his didn't start until 3pm. He warmed up and watched the game before his. Then he played great. At one point he came running off the field to give me a HUGE hug and then ran back on. Half-way through it all went down hill though.

He missed his nap since the game was at 2:30 and we had to be there early to get his uniform. Why the league thought it was a good idea to schedule this age group to play between 1-2:30pm I have no clue. The vast majority of these kids still take naps after lunch people!

He refused to play the second half of his game and spent it on my lap. I made him stay until the game was done even though he wanted to leave. Then when the game was over he refused to line up to shake hands with the other team. I explained if he didn't, he couldn't have his team snack. He still refused. Then when we left he had a melt down.

He was crying and hanging on me on the way to the car. I told him we'd go home and lay down for a little bit since he was so tired. This caused more crying along with screaming "I'm not tired! Mommy carry me!" Those two statements don't really validate each other.

Even with the bad last half, he still said the game was the best part of his day yesterday. Overall a win. Even though this morning was a huge fight with my ex-husband because he didn't get the message that the first game was yesterday so he missed it. Somehow this was my fault and threats of going to court over his rights were made. (My ex-husband is bipolar and quite nutty. A whole other series of posts we can get to another day.)

Now today I've signed up to work the concession stand as my volunteer activity since we have a schedule to work around now. I've sold some raffle tickets for him. Then I signed up for my week to bring team snacks. I'm officially a soccer mom without a mini-van. (B says we can't have one even though we'll have 4 kids living with us soon.)

I've also decided I'm kind of glad the other kids are not involved in activities. While I think it would be good for them I don't know how we'd do it! Not just the chauffering either, but the parental support required as well!

Monday Giveaways - September 13

I won another giveaway! I got an email last week that I won a $40 gift certificate to Joy of Soap from Mrs Nespy's Frugal World. This will be great for stocking stuffers.

Here are the giveaways I've enterd this week:

A tub of Cottenelle Fresh Wipes - this isn't actually a givewaway from a blog, but a freebie from Cottenelle! Request yours before they're out.

Totino's Back to School prize pack from Pink Coupon Cafe

Tinkerbell and the Great Fairy Rescue prize pack from Saving Dollars and Sense

Halloween costume from Musing Maine-iace and Anytime Costumes

$25 Target gift card from Blogelina

Laundry sorter from One Frugal Lady

Maternity pjs from In the Know Mom

Trumpette socks from Saving in Sacramento

9 Lives prize pack from Busy Working Moms

$25 gift card to The Children's Place from Two of a Kind

$10 DQ gift card from Coupon Clippin Daddy

$50 Sonic gift card from Pieces of Me

Punte Bella hat from Mommy Moment

$25 gift card to AddieKat Boutique from Moms Plans

Monday, September 6, 2010

Monday Giveaways - September 6

It was an exciting, kid-free weekend with a date night, college football (Go Gators), and getting the crib and changing table/dresser set up. Now it's time for a new week of giveaways! Here are the giveaways I entered this week.

Free Jimmy D's product from Couponing for 4

Moby Wrap from Raising Olives

$50 Paypal cash from Living Out Loud

Fuzzibunz OS cloth diaper from Small Town Mom

Kiki Maternity item from Who Doesn't Love Coupons

$5 Amazon gift card from Saving 4 Change

Deans and Reisenthel prize pack from Bless Their Hearts

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just a Wednesday Morning

This morning my alarm went off at 6am like always. I was lying there half awake when I heard Little A call out "mommy." I rolled over to get up and get him when I was struck by a charlie horse in the calf. I start screaming ouch while trying to stretch out my leg. Of course at this point B is up and hovering asking what's wrong over and over. I'm not sure about you but charlie horses render me speechless, so I can't answer him right away. I finally get out that I'm fine and it's a charlie horse when in walk S and Little A to the bedroom. S asks if we want him to turn on the light. Um, not at 6 in the morning.

I get rid of the charlie horse, get Little A situated so I can get in the shower and B and S leave the bedroom. Once I got out of the shower I was putting on lotion when B came in to say goodbye since he leaves for work earlier than me. All of a sudden S just opens the door and follows him in. Um, I have no clothes on kid. B grabs me and walks me backward back into the bathroom for the bedroom while telling S to get out and knock.

I think he may have learned the lesson quickier if he was unfortunate enough to see my 28 week pregant nakedness. The poor kid would be scared for life.

These are the little things that didn't happen when it was just Little A and me. I guess this is just all part of a Wednesday morning now.