Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Tying the knot

Neither B nor I want to have a wedding when we get married. We both feel like we've been there done that and with 5 kids we'd much rather (and need to) put that money elsewhere. How exactly to tie the knot we're not sure of. Before we got pregnant, we discussed eloping and doing a destination wedding. Now I don't really want to do that either. Those are still thousands of dollars and again, we have 5 kids and more pressing money concerns.

It was recently announced that my annual conference I attend for work will be held in Las Vegas next summer. This was definately not my first choice of potential locations. Vegas would be fun, but not so much with a 7 month old. Yes, we could leave the baby with a grandparent, but I plan on nursing and it's so much easier to take the baby then my milking machine and a cooler. I joked with B that we could get married while there. Well, apparently he likes this idea because he asked me about it last night.

I don't think I want to do this either. I'm not sure why, but a Vegas wedding just doesn't appeal to me; especially on a work trip. I guess I feel like we'd just be fitting it in. What other options are there though?

One of my college roomates had her second wedding in her living room. They invited their parents for dinner and basically said "Suprise! We're getting married now." This has some appeal to me. I like that it's so laid back and comfortable. Of course my mom lives in Lousiana and we're in Indiana so we'd need it to be a time when she was here. She is coming for Thanksgiving this year since I'm due Nov. 24. Will I really want to get married a week or so after having a baby though?

I suppose another option is to do a suprise/destination wedding over the summer. Every summer B's siblings and parents meet up in Florida and rent a house. If we could get my mom to go to the same place we could always do it there on the beach.

Another alternative is to get married at the courthouse and then take a long weekend together. Here we're back to the issue of taking vs leaving the baby or when to go.

There's really not an option jumping out at me as the one. I could care less about the wedding for the most part. It's the marriage I want. Anyone want to just pick and option and plan it for me?

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