Monday, September 13, 2010

Soccer mom without the mini-van

I'm officially a soccer mom. Little A had his first game yesterday. For the U4 group they play 30 minute games with 3 kids on the field at a time for each team. His coach called it "controlled chaos!" He started out great. The games were running behind so his didn't start until 3pm. He warmed up and watched the game before his. Then he played great. At one point he came running off the field to give me a HUGE hug and then ran back on. Half-way through it all went down hill though.

He missed his nap since the game was at 2:30 and we had to be there early to get his uniform. Why the league thought it was a good idea to schedule this age group to play between 1-2:30pm I have no clue. The vast majority of these kids still take naps after lunch people!

He refused to play the second half of his game and spent it on my lap. I made him stay until the game was done even though he wanted to leave. Then when the game was over he refused to line up to shake hands with the other team. I explained if he didn't, he couldn't have his team snack. He still refused. Then when we left he had a melt down.

He was crying and hanging on me on the way to the car. I told him we'd go home and lay down for a little bit since he was so tired. This caused more crying along with screaming "I'm not tired! Mommy carry me!" Those two statements don't really validate each other.

Even with the bad last half, he still said the game was the best part of his day yesterday. Overall a win. Even though this morning was a huge fight with my ex-husband because he didn't get the message that the first game was yesterday so he missed it. Somehow this was my fault and threats of going to court over his rights were made. (My ex-husband is bipolar and quite nutty. A whole other series of posts we can get to another day.)

Now today I've signed up to work the concession stand as my volunteer activity since we have a schedule to work around now. I've sold some raffle tickets for him. Then I signed up for my week to bring team snacks. I'm officially a soccer mom without a mini-van. (B says we can't have one even though we'll have 4 kids living with us soon.)

I've also decided I'm kind of glad the other kids are not involved in activities. While I think it would be good for them I don't know how we'd do it! Not just the chauffering either, but the parental support required as well!

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