Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Just a Wednesday Morning

This morning my alarm went off at 6am like always. I was lying there half awake when I heard Little A call out "mommy." I rolled over to get up and get him when I was struck by a charlie horse in the calf. I start screaming ouch while trying to stretch out my leg. Of course at this point B is up and hovering asking what's wrong over and over. I'm not sure about you but charlie horses render me speechless, so I can't answer him right away. I finally get out that I'm fine and it's a charlie horse when in walk S and Little A to the bedroom. S asks if we want him to turn on the light. Um, not at 6 in the morning.

I get rid of the charlie horse, get Little A situated so I can get in the shower and B and S leave the bedroom. Once I got out of the shower I was putting on lotion when B came in to say goodbye since he leaves for work earlier than me. All of a sudden S just opens the door and follows him in. Um, I have no clothes on kid. B grabs me and walks me backward back into the bathroom for the bedroom while telling S to get out and knock.

I think he may have learned the lesson quickier if he was unfortunate enough to see my 28 week pregant nakedness. The poor kid would be scared for life.

These are the little things that didn't happen when it was just Little A and me. I guess this is just all part of a Wednesday morning now.

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