Thursday, February 3, 2011

Icepocalypse 2011

Unless you live under a rock you probably know about the massive winter storm that has been sweeping the nation this week. Our area of the country got and ice storm. The news reported that we were the hardest hit county in the entire state. Thousands are still without power. The universities shut down for 2 days and universities NEVER closes.

Thankfully we only lost power for a few hours Monday night. I'm keeping my fingers crossed we don't lose it again. Since there's ice on the power lines and trees it's still a possibility even though the storm is over. After 2 days at home it was time to come back to work this morning.

B fell walking out to the garage yesterday and has a huge knot. I'm surprised he doesn't have a concussion. This made me nervous to take little A and E out to the car this morning since the garage is detached. Carrying the 8lb carrier with the 15lb baby tends to throw you off balance anyway. B had the best idea....

a sled!

I walked all of our gear out to the car and warmed it up. Then I put E in her carrier on the sled and pushed her to the car from the house. I put her in and went back for little A. E cried the entire way to the car. Little A yelled "weeeeee!"

Hopefully getting them back to the house goes just as well tonight. If so, I think this will be our system until the ice melts. (Which will be a few weeks since we're not getting above freezing in the next 10 days at least.)

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