Thursday, June 2, 2011

Birth Control = 2 : Me = 0

I got pregnant with E on Paragaurd. I'd had it put in the summer after I had little A. It worked great for 2.5 years. Then I got her as a surprise. After she was born B got a vasectomy. I posted about it back in the winter. I opted for a tubal in January. (Also a post.) I got the Adiana which is like Essure; plugs not a snip and burn.

Today it was time for my follow up to make sure the scar tissue formed around the plugs and that my tubes are blocked. I went into an xray room and the dr basically did a pap and added some dye. The x-ray tech took some pictures. They commented on my toe polish (cheeta polish strips from Sally Hansen) and we talked about all of our children.

Then the dr went to look at the xrays. Shortly after he called me into the viewing room and told me we had a problem. My heart started racing and I was just waiting for him to tell me it failed and I was pregnant. He showed me one side that looked good. Then he showed me the other side. It leaked! The dye leaked pas the plug in my tubes. The dr said he first became concerned because when he did the exam I didn't have cramping and I was supposed to.

Then we went back in the exam room. I asked what this means now that I've had both an IUD and a tubal fail! He said that since B had the vasectomy and one tube is blocked I have good coverage and should be fine. At this point, though, the only way to be sure my birth control is effective is to have a hysterectomy which he doesn't advocate since I'm 32 and healthy. I don't want one either. I figure if birth control has won 2 rounds and I've won none I quit the game.

My dr said he's never seen anyone like me and can't explain it. I can't wait to hear B's reaction tonight.

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