Friday, June 17, 2011

MM - 6/20

We're back from Vegas and B's off again! He headed out of town with his dad for Father's Day weekend since the big boys are gone and E doesn't know the difference. It was nice having the weekend to myself with just the littles.

In this week's CSA I got romaine lettuce, peas, sugar snap peas, green onion, and radishes. Hopefully I'll get more regular peas over the next few weeks so I can make pea soup and freeze some for throughout the year. I'm not sure what to do with the sugar snap peas beyond a sautee or stir fry!

I've linked up this menu to Menu Plan Monday over at

Saturday: Out for Pizza

Sunday: Tortilla Roll Ups and Fruit

Monday: Steak, Sauted Snap Pea and Radishes, Baked Potatoes

Tuesday: Chicken Carbonara with Crusty Bread (peas)

Wednesday: Grilled Shrimp Ceaser Salad (romaine)

Thursday: Tacos (romaine & green onion)

Friday: Take Out or Leftovers

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