Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The big V

On Friday B got a vasectomy. This was very necessary as E was conceived on an IUD. An IUD that is 99.4% effective and had been in place and effective for 2.5 years. The urologist was highly impressed with him. Not only did his boys make it past my "security" they did it at 41. Apparently he has super sperm. My super power is making milk. His is making babies apparently.

The entire appointment took about 25 minutes. Then he got to spend the weekend on the couch rotating bags of peas. He went back for his follow up yesterday and all looks good. He still has to take it easy this week and wear his scrotal support for a week. In his post-procedure instructions he was told to do light duty at work since he has a manual labor job, no sex for 10 days, and no arousal for 7 days.

Um, how is that possible? I can understand no purposeful arousal for 7 days and I can see how the first few days of discomfort and frozen man bits would prevent arousal, but what about closer to the end of the 7 days? Isn't this instruction like telling a man not to eat for 7 days asked my friend Vicki. This was my favorite instruction because it's just so bizarre and I don't get it. Turns out it's not possible to avoid.

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