Thursday, December 9, 2010

I'm having adjustment issues.

E is 3 weeks old now. Everyone seems to be adjusting to her well. I think I'm having the most issues adjusting.

I feel like little A hates me. I miss him. It was just the 2 of us for so long. Even once we moved in with B and the boys we still had lots of 1 on 1 time. Then I had the issues with swelling and it restricted my activity with him. I thought it would be better once the baby came. Physically it's much better, but now I can't get alone time with him. Now he hates me.

He woke up early this morning and came in the bedroom and said he was ready for school. I told him it wasn't time yet and asked if he wanted to watch cartoons for a while. I've been up since 2am and was hoping to get a short nap before we had to get going for the day. He didn't want to wait and asked if B would take him. B told him yes, but he had to get dressed and be ready to go in 10 min b/c he had to leave for work.

Now, every morning is a huge ordeal to get A to leave b/c he has a melt down w/ his clothes, his snack, getting up, etc. He ran right in his room and got dressed. Short issue over undies, but that's it. When putting his coat on I asked if he wanted me to pick him up early today so we could spend some time together. He said no, he wanted B to get him.

He never wants to do stuff w/ me anymore. :( If he has another choice of playmate he'll take it. I'm so sad. I feel like I totally screwed up our relationship. First I physically cant play a lot of things w/ him for a month or so. Now I can't get alone time to do stuff w/ him. This sucks. Right now I either want to rewind 6 months when I felt fine and E wasn't here yet or fast forward 6 months so that E is not in the newborn phase and I can leave her with someone else for 2 hours to take little A on a date.

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