Thursday, December 2, 2010

I will never shop Toys R Us or Babies R Us again.

After dropping little A off at daycare this morning, E and I headed to TRU/BRU. We had a few baby gifts to exchange at BRU and I wanted to finally Christmas shop at TRU. After getting E out and the bag of exchange items and heading in from the 25 degree morning, the store clerk would not take my exchange.

He told me I needed a gift receipt or a registry. When I explained I had neither and just wanted a store credit, he proceeded to tell me the store needed to "protect itself" and the items could have come from anywhere. I expressed my dissatisfaction at being punished for the lack of gift receipt since that's not my fault and pointed out that as the 5th child a registry was not appropriate. All he said was this was policy.

What a horrible policy! I am now stuck with a bag of brand new baby items that will never be used. While I appreciate the thought behind the gifts I'm so sorry that our friends and family have wasted their money on things that will end up as a goodwill donation.

Based on this policy and the clerk's response of protecting themselves, I will now shop at the other stores he pointed out this morning. My Christmas shopping will happen at Walmart or online for toys. Next time I have to buy a baby gift off of a BRU registry I will buy the registered for item(s) elsewhere.

Considering E is 2.5 weeks old and little a is 3, this is a long time for buying toys from somewhere else. Considering the number of kids we have, that's quite a bit of potential money from one family that is gone now. Obviously they will not care since they only want to "protect themselves." I cannot believe how poor their customer service has become.

I put in a complaint on their website. I'll let you know if there's a response. In the meantime, anyone need a bag of baby girl stuff brand new? ;)

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