Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Illusive Hunt for a Great Nursing Bra

Why is it so hard to find a good nursing bra? I have tried 6 different nursing bras so far with E. There is only 1 I like. I like it not love it. I had 2 and the hooks on 1 broke. I figured it was a fluke so I went to order another the other morning and they're not available anymore. (probably not a fluke then)

Instead I spent $150 on 3 nursing bras and a pair of panties. This was AFTER a 15% discount! I don't spend that much on my real bras! Granted, the panties and 1 of the bras are fancy to wear under a dress for T's wedding next month, but still. E better want to nurse until she's 10 so I can get good use out of these suckers.

Let's review what I've tried in my hunt. For reference, I'm a 36C.


The hook broke on one when washing and the other seems to be stretching out fast. It's only $14 though at target. Probably not great for large sizes. It doesn't seem like it would support heavier breasts.


Gilligan & O’Malley® Women's Nursing Soft Cup Bra - Ebony from Target. For some reason I can't get the picture in here, so if you really want to see it you can follow the link. I wouldn't recommend it though.

The cups were molded and super uncomfortable and hard to pull down. They're very stiff and scratchy.

This bra came from JC Penney's. It just had a weird fit.

This bra also came from JC Penneys. It also had molded cups, so it had the same issues as the Gillian O' Malley bra linked above.

This is a sleep bra from Motherwear. Apparently my boobs hang to low from my shoulders for this and the straps are not adjustable.

This bra also came from Motherwear. I have no idea how it fits since the elastic on the straps snapped from the band the first time I put it on.


The bras in this section are the 3 that cost me $150. I found out why though. They're all great. I got them from Bare Necessities. They currently have 41 different styles of nursing bras to choose from! I've decided when I'm done nursing and regulate to a consistent size again I'm restocking ALL of my undergarments and getting the good stuff.

Le Mysterie underwire nursing bra. It's recommended to stay away from underwire in a nursing bra to avoid plugged ducts and mastitis. I bought this one specifically to wear under a dress for a wedding, so it's not my daily bra.

I wore it last weekend when we went shopping to find the dress and really love it. I forgot how much I miss my non-nursing, non-maternity underwire. It's pretty, supportive, and has a lining so you could wear nursing pads and not see them from the outside of the bra. This would be a great sexy time bra to avoid leaking. ;)

This is a Bravado seamless silk. FANTASTIC every day bra. It's supportive and looks great under all tops whether I'm full or just nursed or pumped. It definitely adapts to my cup size throughout the day.

This last bra is a Bravado sublime. It's very pretty and feminine. Support is similar to the Target bra I like, but not as good as the Bravado seamless silk. This bra fits the best when I'm full since that's when I fill out more on the top side of my breast.

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