Thursday, April 28, 2011

Laundry is taking over my house

The laundry is seriously taking over my house right now. It feels like B and I are CONSTANTLY washing and folding and trying to get it all put away. It never gets completely put up and there's always dirty laundry in piles.

We cloth diaper, so there's a load every 2-3 days. The big boys feel they need a new towel every day. I refuse to wash them or their clothing that's not in a laundry basket. Doesn't help. B just does it for them and then complains about the laundry. I tried to point out the other day that if just the 4 big people got a new towel every day we'd go through 28 towels a week. That's nuts. That's at least a load every 3 days. Then there are the normal clothing loads for 6 people.

I've had enough. It's time for a new system and I'm looking for ideas. Here are the components I need to figure out:

1. How to get B and the boys on board with not having a new towel every day.
2. How to get the laundry put away.
3. How to contain all the piles and get everyone to use their laundry basket.
4. How to not overflow our laundry basket all over the bathroom floor.
5. How to get it all washed without feeling like that's all I ever do.

I've decided to start by tackling number 3 and ordered this laundry sorter from Amazon.

I know it's kind of big for the bathroom, but we have a nice little niche it will fit in. Once we get our 'real' house after selling all 3 I can put it in the laundry room and get a larger hamper for B and me and E her own hamper in her own room. With the sorter I can use the hamper for B and then the sorter for me, E, and towels.

I'm also thinking I'm going to have to throw a load in every morning before work. Our washer has a timer so I can set it to wash right before I get home from work leaving the evenings still open for diapers. Of course, this adds another item to the morning routine.

I think a schedule of who's items get washed each day might work too. Every day of the week I'll just grab one hamper and toss those items in. The schedule or calendar will hopefully keep me on track. Then on the weekend I can do towels and any other random laundry that's around.

I guess then the big items are still, how to get it all put away and how to get the boys to stop using so many towels and B to stop enabling them.

What's your laundry system?

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