Thursday, April 7, 2011

Purse or diaper bag?

Have you played the bridal shower game where you look for things in your purse? Whoever has the most things of the list wins. I think I'd win by a landslide right now. Most people say that the diaper bag becomes their purse when they have kids. I think my purse becomes a diaper bag. I dug in it the other day to find some lip gloss. I pulled out:

  • a diaper

  • 3 head bands

  • 2 kid sunglasses

  • a matchbox car

  • a paci

  • part of a school bus

  • a checkbook, wallet, and DR envelope system

  • a cell phone

  • 2 hair ties

  • a reusable bag

  • some receipts

  • change

  • a coffee shop punch card

I didn't have any lip gloss. What's in your purse?

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