Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sister for Sale

It happened. Just shy of 5 months and Little A is ready to sell E. It all started when he asked for candy at 6:30am. I told him if he could get dressed and brush his teeth without throwing a fit he could have a few sweet tarts. He couldn't do it. After flinging himself on the floor 3 times (once over his jeans not feeling "good," once over not getting to wear shorts, and once over it being "too cold" to get dressed) he came into the bathroom where I was getting ready. This was our conversation.

Little A: "I want to give my baby back."
Me: "She's my baby and I want to keep her."
Little A: "Well I'm going to sell her."
Me: "Who are you selling her to?"
Little A: "James" (little friend at school)
Me: "Well, why don't you see how much you can get for her today and then we'll decide."
Little A: "No. We're giving James our baby and all your money."
Me: "What will we do for money then?"
Little A: "You and B will have to work extra hard and make more."

I can't believe he's ready to pay someone to take the baby just b/c he couldn't have candy. What happens when I really make him mad?

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