Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Soda Debate

I was reading a thread on an on-line community I follow about "strange" rules in the home. Some made me laugh. Some made me roll my eyes. Most though, made sense to me. One of the rules another mother posted was about soda. She stated she doesn't let her 4 or 5 year old have any and her family thinks she's strange.

This always baffles me. Why do some parents think it's strange to limit what a child eats or drinks? We put all kinds of limits on kids.

I have a no soda until age 5 rule and a no caffeinated soda until age 10 rule. It's not really about the sugar since I do give juice. It's more not needing soda and it's lack of any nutritional value. I'm not completely naive though. I know I will not be able to keep little A and E away from soda forever, hence age 5.

As for the caffeine, I have a hard enough time having the energy for them some days when I have caffeine and they don't. Why would I willingly give them something that gives them even more energy?! Although I suppose I would get more exercise in if I did!

Do you have an age limit on soda? What are your reasons?


JL said...

We have a no soda rule here as well. We didn't say a specific age but C knows that soda isn't for kids so I think we can hold off for a few more years still. C saw a kid around 8 drinking soda one time and said that he is a kid so he isn't supposed to drink that. He did try a small sample of Izzy at costco last weekend and did not like it because of the carbonation so that is good.

shannon said...

I found some ocean spray sparkling juice at Kroger this weekend. I think I may try to pass that (or another similar brand) off as soda when 5 hits.