Thursday, May 12, 2011

25 things about me

I borrowed this idea from another blog I follow. Here are 25 random things about me. I think I may follow this up with one on B and each of the kids at some point.

1. I quit a PhD program in social psychology after a year. I'm starting a PhD in education this summer.

2. B is 11 years older than me. T is the one who set us up on a blind date.

3. I got pregnant with E on an IUD.

4. I never wanted a big family. I wasn't sure I wanted kids until I had little A. Thankfully I liked him!

5. My 4th toe on both feet is curved so much it goes behind the middle toe. It's a family trait. Little A has it too. E does not.

6. I don't like tomatoes or milk. Surprisingly I craved both when pregnant with E. With A I craved corn dogs and lemons with hot sauce.

7. I'm spatially dyslexic. I can't put anything together and once put a filing cabinet together inside out.

8. I love to cook and bake. I can't frost a cake for the life of me though.

9. I really like quiet activities. If I had a night to myself I'd read, do a puzzle, watch a movie, etc.

10. I cannot pluck my own eyebrows. Growing up my dad tweezed my mom's and my eyebrows. I started waxing them in college.

11. My favorite desert is blackberry cobbler with vanilla ice cream. The strawberry shortcake at MCL is a close 2nd. (What is their shortcake made out of?)

12. I hate button up shirts. I feel like they're constricting. I have to wear knit or t-shirts.

13. I love flip flops. I'd wear them all the time with everything if I could. I hate socks.

14. If I could go anywhere in the world it would be Greece; the beach, great food, amazing history.

15. I hate the new group format on Facebook. If they'd bring back the discussions tab and contained conversations it would be fine.

16. I don't like touch screen phones or phones that do everything. I get the most basic cell phone I possibly can when I need a new one.

17. Until recently, I didn't like chocolate. It was too sweet. Even now I prefer dark chocolate and will usually pass unless it's the really good stuff.

18. I don't collect anything. I don't like Longaburger, Vera Bradley, or Fiestaware.

19. The shoes with toes freak me out, but toe socks do not. If you haven't seen the toe shoes, here they are:

20. I love shopping for little boys. I think it's great fun to put cute outfits together for them. I hate that little A has such an opinion now and doesn't like what I pick out.

21. I don't sweat much so I overheat very easily and pass out. Great excuse to get out of yard work. Horrible when I want to do something fun outside.

22. I cannot keep house plants. I forget to water them and they die. This is ironic since growing up we had plants EVERYWHERE.

23. I am allergic to dogs to the point that I had to get weekly shots and take 3 prescriptions daily when we had a dog. If the kids want a dog in the future it has to be hypoallergenic because I'm not doing that again.

24. I have never been outside of the country.

25. I wonder about strange things like what I'll be like as an old lady, if people are red or white meat, if a Playboy is like a Harry & David catalog to a breast-feed baby, etc.

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