Thursday, May 19, 2011

The not awesome drawer

Every morning is a clothing battle with Little A. I have given up and he can choose whatever he wants, matching or not, as long as it's weather appropriate.

This morning I told him it was going to be warm enough today that he could choose either jeans or shorts. He was excited and told me E wanted to help him pick. We followed him to his room and watched him begin opening dresser drawers. I knew he was searching for basketball shorts, so I explained there weren't any clean. He'd have to choose another pair of shorts or jeans. They're all in one drawer.

He continued opening different drawers so I reiterated the above. He huffs and says "but I don't want to pick from the not awesome drawer." I told him he chose all of the bottoms in that drawer and they were indeed "very awesome." Then I told him to please pick or E and I were going to go get dressed ourselves. That's when he started crying and repeating "I don't want to pick from the not awesome drawer." I had to leave because I was cracking up.

Eventually he did get dressed after getting in trouble and has lost the privilege of choosing for himself for a week, but I just can't get over the "not awesome drawer."

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