Saturday, November 6, 2010

Monday Giveaways - Nov 6

Why am I doing Monday giveaways on a Saturday? Well frankly I'm hoping to go into labor this weekend and be chillin in the hospital Monday. I'm 3cm dialated as of my apt yesterday w/ sporadic contractions. Well I say sporadic, but they come for 45min to 2 hrs and then just stop. My ob is on call this weekend and told me to go walking and to have sex with B in hopes of getting the contractions more consistent and coming to see him.

I'm checking in this morning and then little A and I are off for some errands (Gap is 40% off today if you mention FLASH40 at check out)and possibly to the new children't museum in town. Hopefully the errands last night and tonight will help on the walking front.

Anyway, here are the giveaways I've entered:

2 Fix-It-And-Forget-It cookbooks from One Momma Saving Money

$50 giftcard to The Game Shop from The Johns Family

Carmex winter survival kit from Making Ends Meet

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