Monday, November 1, 2010

Pregnant Centaur

Remember back to high school when you studied Greek mythology and there was the half horse half man; Centaur. The top half was man the bottom half was horse. This is what I have become; a pregnant Centaur. Only, instead of half horse half woman, I'm half woman half hippo.

One of the joys of late pregnancy can be edema or swelling. I had it a bit with little A, but I have it full force this time. At first the dr thought it might be a blood clot (dvt) and sent me for a Doppler and bed rest. Thankfully it wasn't a blood clot, but cellulitis which is an infection that can mirror dvt. After a week of antibiotics, Benadryl, and aspirin the Cellulitis seems to have cleared, but the edema is still rocking full force.

Here is a progression of my swelling as the day goes on. Keep in mind one of the solutions drs give you is to keep your feet up. These pictures are even with keeping my feet propped on a chair all day at work.

8 am - starting out a bit swollen

12 pm - puffing up some more

6 pm - 3x my normal size

Thankfully at my appointment on Friday the ob cleared me for compression stockings since the other issues are gone. Hopefully these help. Not only do I puff up, but it sends shooting fire pains down my legs when I stand as well as a constant ache. Friday night when I got home I was so swollen I literally could not bend my legs or flex my foot.

I just keep reminding myself I have 3 more weeks max and then I'm done. I would definitely appreciate E deciding to come early.

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