Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Things I will NOT miss about being pregnant

I've hit the 38 week mark today on my pregnancy. This is the week I had little A, so I'm about as pregnant as I've ever been. I thought it would be a good day to take stock of the things I will NOT miss when this is over to get me through the next few days. (If I'm still pregnant on Friday my ob is scheduling an induction for Monday.)

1. The +4 pitting edema

You've seen the swelling pictures. I've now moved from just swelling to pitting. This is when anything leaves an indent in your skin. My indents last a good 5-10 min before returning to "normal." I still have the shooting fire pains upon standing too.

2. The compression stockings

Compression stockings are oh so sexy. They look like sexy thigh-highs you would wear with garters, but with the consistency of an ace bandage. Hot. They take 20 minutes to get on and then when I attempt to painfully peel myself out of them at night I have large indents on various points of my legs. (see pitting edema) Not to mention I still swell horrendously.

3. The 3 week chronic cough

I'm on a nightly regimen of cough syrup, allergy pill, and Pepcid to attempt to control the cough that could be indigestion, allergy drainage, or viral. Or it could just be normal additional mucous from pregnancy.

4. The pulled muscle

Yup. Due to the chronic cough I have pulled a muscle on my right side in my ribs. It's not like I have the easiest time moving as it is with no ab muscles at the moment. Now I'm down a side muscle too.

5. The gestational diabetes

Pricking my finger, examining everything I eat, not eating too late, abstaining from yummy seasonal goodness.... The thing with gd is that the diet is MORE strict than a type I or type II diabetes diet so it's even harder.

6. People calling everyday (or in my mom's case 7 times in a row if I can't answer the phone) to see if I'm still pregnant.

Um, why would I have a baby and keep it a secret? Especially from my mom? I told her last night if she didn't quit stalking me I was going to make her wait to read about the birth on Facebook. She got the point.

I pretty much am now in excruciating pain on every inch of my body other than my hair and left arm maybe and have been for weeks. If this baby doesn't come out ASAP I may seriously injure and innocent bystander.

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