Monday, July 12, 2010

Monday Giveaways

Big A's birthday is next week. He'll be 14. He asked for an xbox so B and his ex-wife both chipped in to get it for him. Since S's birthday is next month B asked him to start thinking about what he wants. He replied an xbox, xbox live, and some video game. I hope he doesn't really think he's getting all of that or he'll be dissapointed. That would be one expensive birthday!

This led into the discussion of Christmas. This will be our first Christmas all together. B mentioned wanting to get the boys new tvs for their rooms and how one of his siblings works for an electronics manufacturer and can get us a discount. I asked how much they would be and he replied $200. I kindly pointed out that if we do $200 on just the wrapped gifts (not counting stockings or santa) that we will spend $1000 on the kids alone. He's rethinking the tvs now.

A great way to save some money and get some free stuff is entering giveaways. Many bloggers host reviews and offer givewaways of the products. Of course you have to be lucky enough to actually win. I've never won on a blog giveaway. I've won a book from Good Reads, but never from a blog. One of my girlfriend's wins ALL THE TIME. I don't know how she can be so lucky. Regardless, it doesn't stop me from entering because you never know. Today I've entered the following giveaways:

Pillow Pets from How Many Kids?

She's giving 1 lucky reader a pillow pet of their choice. I would choose the lady bug if I won.

A Toys R Us goodie bag from Children Teaching Mama

A $15 gift card to Diaper Vine from Children Teaching Mama

A box of Cheerios and a $25 gift card from Gettin Healthy

A hand blender from Saving Dollars and Sense

Bummas cloth wipes
from Mama to 3 blessings

$50 gift card to CSN stores from Practical Mom

A pair of Pedipeds from Pieces of Me

I LOVE pedipeds. They're all Little A wore until he was in hard soled shoes. I think he had more shoes than me at one point.

Charleston Naturally serving tray from Pieces of Me

Power Cape from Being Allison

Bella Maternity nursing bra from Home Grown Families

Eli Monster AIO cloth diaper from Home Grown Families

BioKleen laundry detergent from Mommy of 1 and counting

BioKleen products are amazing. I'm so dissapointed our Kroger no longer carries them.

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