Thursday, July 22, 2010

We've started the move!

Last night we began moving little A and me out of our house and into B's. We currently have 3 houses between us; mine, his, and a rental. Since his had more bedrooms and costs less than mine we're moving in there and putting mine on the market. The plan is to sell it this year and then list B's and the rental next spring/summer and buy OUR house. Big A and S were at their mom's so we only had 1 child underfoot while doing this and actually little A was very helpful.

We started at 5:30pm when we got home from work and were in bed around 10:30pm. It went better than I thought. We managed to get 2 bedrooms of furniture, a couch, toy box, and quite a few boxes in this load. We're using the box trailer from B's work to save money on renting a truck. Plus I don't have my house completely packed yet. It rained on the way home from work and it rained a little when we got to B's, but thankfully it stopped in between for loading.

Little A did wonderfully. He was patient and helpful. He didn't act up. I was nervous because we didn't eat dinner until about 1.5 hours later than normal and he was up about 2 hours later than normal. He woke up in a great mood this morning though and had no problems at daycare drop-off. Hopefully he doesn't crash this afternoon and become a grump.
Of course, B woke up sore as can be from working a physical job all day and then moving furniture.

I think we'll be taking tonight off to recoup and we'll finish off the house hopefully this weekend when all of the kids are with their other parents and we can whip some stuff out. Of course, we may have to take advantage of one of the few completely kid free weekends we have left! ;)

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