Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two nights in....

Even though little A and I moved in with B last week, it's been 2 nights since all of us have been in the house together. It's definately different. There are things I really like about having a full family again and things I really miss about it just being little A and me.

1. Sleep. I love going to bed with and waking up next to B. Not to mention his mattress is newer than mine so we kept it and the bed is now more comfortable. I'm having issues the last few days getting little A down though. He's never been a great sleeper. It takes an hour to get him down at night regardless of what time it is or what I do to where him out. Then he wakes up 1-3 times during the night and I have to lay with him then too. In the old house are rooms were right next to each other and it was quiet.

The last few nights it's taken 1.5-2 hours to put him down. I have to wake him in the morning because he's still so tired when I didn't before and he is cranky tired all day. Last night when he woke I couldn't hear him call for me because he's at the other end of the house and B likes to sleep w/ a noisy fan on. He came in our room last night crying and scared asking "Mommy I call you. Why you no come to me?" Hard enough to hear as a mom, but the pregnancy hormones didn't help. We're going to stop on the way home tonight to buy a baby monitor.

2. Food. I like organization and plans and knowing what's going on when. I plan my menu and shop accordingly. I don't like coming home 2 days after I've been to the grocery to learn that 2 liters of coke, a container of juicy juice, a pitcher of kool aide, 2 pounds of lunch meant, and a brick of cheese are gone; especially when you were told to stay out of the juice. Then to be asked "We're out of coke and lunch meat. Will you go to the store and buy more?" This does not really make my day. The look on their faces when I told them "No. The food we have has to last the full week. I'll go again next week." was a combination of shock, dissapointment, and a desire to cuss me out. So sad, too bad dude. Drink water and eat pb&j or any of the other food still left.

3. Discipline. B and I have similar parenting styles which is great. Problem is we both give in on different things. Apparently his push over point is not following through when he asks the kids to do something. He told them yesterday to do the dishes before 1pm and that no one was to be at the house when we were not there.

I get home with little A and B is doing dishes. Why? Because the boys didn't do them. They were in their rooms playing video games with a friend (yes, one who shouldn't have been there.) If it was me I would have made the friend leave and made the boys do the dishes after dinner and probably a few more nights. B decides the friend can stay for dinner, washes all the dishes twice, and then takes them to rent a video game.

Of course they're not going to do what you tell them when there are no consequences. Ugh. I'm all for natural consequences. The boys are old enough to make choices and then deal with the consequences of those choices. Don't be a push over.

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