Friday, July 16, 2010

Snap, Crackle, POP!

I have been having major pain in my tailbone with this pregnancy. I'm not referring to normal pregnancy discomfort that is tolerable. I'm talking bring tears to your eyes pain. It hurts to sit and it really hurts to stand from sitting. I mentioned it to the ob and he suggested I get a coccyx cushion and not sit so much. The cushion I can do, but the sitting? I have a desk job. Not so feasible.

Then I asked my yoga instructor & massage therapist if she had suggestions. Her suggestions were pretty much the same as the ob w/ the addition of sitting on my birthing ball. The ball really does help and has become my chair at home for the most part. There are some yoga exercises that help with tailbone pain, but they're generally not suggested in pregnancy because of the twisting involved.

Finally I decided to try the chiropractor. This morning was my first appointment. I've never been to a chiropractor before. While I've heard the general gist I haven't heard about it in pregnancy other than that it's safe. I learned that chiropractic care in pregnancy can shorten labor! Now there's a selling point. Why doesn't your ob tell you that?!

After my initial exam where they looked at and felt my spine and neck they put little heat things on my back that showed them where I was out of alignment. Then the chiropractor came in to talk to me and finally my adjustment.

The table was awesome! It dropped down in the middle so I could comfortably lay on my stomach. I think I want to trade in my bed for one for the next few months. Then she adjusted my low back, my side, and my neck. I could do with out the neck adjustment, but the rest seems to be helping so far. The true test will be the end of the day though after sitting.

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