Saturday, August 14, 2010

Back to Reality

We're back from vacation. Little A, B, and I went to Louisiana to visit my mom. My grandparents and aunt came from the east as well so it was a mini-family reunion. Little A asked yesterday if he and I could go live with Nana. He wants me to quit my job and spend all day with him all the time. I think if I did that we would have to live with Nana!

It was a 13 hour car ride that took us about 15 between all the stops for the pregnant girl and the dawdling 3.5 year old. He didn't sleep in the car either. He took his normal mid-day nap and slept around bed time, but that's it. Little A did so well though. He had 1 melt down each way that pretty much consisted of crying and screaming he wanted to be home NOW!

I packed a large bag of toys for him that he hadn't seen in a while mixed with a few new ones. The biggest hits were the leapster, construction sticker book, Puzzle Buzz magazine, and his monster trucks. B wanted a driving break on the way home which meant I got a break from entertaining Little A. He lasted 30 minutes before he wanted to switch back!

While we were packing the car to come home, Little A hit his head on Nana's mailbox. It's metal and made a thud so I asked if he was ok. His response: "yeah. My brains are still in there." I almost fell over laughing so hard. What a little nut.

Now we're back. Little A goes back to preschool Monday and the big boys start school Wednesday. I'm trying to get caught up on the mountain of laundry, grocery shop, and clean this weekend. I think Little A may be on to something moving in with Nana!

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