Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Free Legos Entertain Them All

How do you entertain a 14 yo, a 12 yo, and a 3.5 yo? Pull out the legos. Little A just started playing with Legos this summer. He has one set.

He's obsessed with construction and vehicles so this was the one he picked out. When we went to visit my mom last week she gave Little A a small box of legos from when my brother was little. When we got home and the big boys came back they all started playing with them.

This was great. Everyone was entertained. B and I got 30 min to ourselves to just sit together. There was no yelling. Until.....

Little A came in the living room crying because the S and Big A took his legos and wouldn't share. This is a source of contention. S and Big A are a year apart and are used to sharing EVERYTHING. It's almost like they don't have their own things, but all things belong to both. I'm not used to this and neither is Little A. I was pretty irritated they took his toys and then wouldn't let him play. Especially after the numerous conversations we've had about not touching things that aren't yours without asking.

B went in and took care of it. Then he looked at me and said "I think we need to find some Legos on Ebay." He's right. Have you looked at how expensive Lego sets can be now?

Just a few days before I got my Big Fat Check from Ebates. Ebates is a site where you earn cash back on your on-line purchases. You simply start from their site rather than the store site and you earn a percentage of your purchase back. Then quarterly you receive either a pay pal deposit or a paper check. Since you're sent to the store site you can still use your coupon codes and normal check out process.

You can also earn money from referrals. With their site both you and the person you refer receive $5 when they make their first purchase. If you haven't signed up or heard of this before, check it out.


I haven't received spam from them or had any unpleasant experiences. What's not to love about saving money on things you already buy?!

Since we had Ebates money sitting in Pay Pal off we went to Ebay. We found a lot of 400 legos. It took 4 auctions but we finally won. Not only did we get to use free money to buy the Legos, but we earned cash back on them too since Ebay participates in Ebates!

The Legos should come this week and the big boys will be back near the end of the week. Perfect timing. Now there should be enough Legos for everyone to play with and keep busy.

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