Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My fat pregnant butt broke the toilet!

I can't reach my feet very easily, so I sit on the toilet with my feet on the tub to paint my toes. I was doing this last night when all of a sudden the toilet seat moved. I gasped and thinking I was going to fall in and then have to yell for B to come get me out. When the seat stopped I looked down and the lid and the seat slid in different directions and broke the hinge!

I finished my toes and went out to the living room where S and B were sitting. I told B "it's a good thing they're putting me on a diet. My fat butt broke the toilet seat." He was trying so hard not to laugh. S said "you're not fat even pregnant." Then B asked what happened, so I told him.

Looks like he's officially in charge of all grooming activities below the waist until Nov.

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